Many seniors sell their houses, buy a RV, and pack up to travel when they retire. Unfortunately, the traveling years can’t last forever. The thought of ending your travels may sadden you, but in the right retirement community, you can still enjoy the things you loved about RV resorts. A senior retirement community in Denver might be a good choice if your friends and family are here or if you were intrigued by the idea of all the amenities when you visited. There’s no need to take on the hassle of home ownership again.

Denver has an excellent public transportation system if your travels have been halted by trouble driving. There’s light rail and over 1000 buses for local trips. If the traveling urge hits, you have easy access to Amtrak or a huge international airport. Senior retirement communities will have transportation available to run errands, go to Dr. appointments, attend group activities, such as movies, dinner, theatre. Most will even do the scheduling for you! There are senior groups in the Denver metro area who travel on trips planned by travel specialists. You just need to pack your bags and enjoy the trip.

If medical care on the road has become a concern, Denver has over two dozen hospitals and many of them are major research centers. You can rest easily knowing that help is close in an emergency and your routine care can be handled easily. In choosing a senior retirement community, you can even find one that has care that can step-up to assisted living as your needs increase. That will be one less change to make aging a little easier. Some of them even have Dr. groups who make regular house calls at no extra charge.

If you have been a snowbird for years, you’re probably dreading the thought of extreme weather. Most places will either have icy frozen winters or blazing hot summer. While Denver’s climate won’t be as warm as winter in the Florida Keys, the daytime highs in the winter still average above freezing, unlike many parts of the country. Denver is also at a high enough elevation that the summers are as mild as you expect, with average highs only in the mid to upper eighties.

The Denver area of Colorado has hundreds of parks and recreational centers. If you keep your RV in storage and are well enough to take some shorter trips, Colorado offers easy access to the parts of the mid-west that you love the best and might want to revisit.

A retirement community is better than living alone in a neighborhood. It is much more like an RV park where you get to know your neighbors for longer periods of time. There are staff members to handle the repairs, yard work, and any other medical or personal help you may need. Many of them have their own facilities for recreation and regular group events. You’ll find plenty of friends in the same life stage and be able to enjoy their company and the friendly resort feel you expect.

Contact us if you’re considering Denver as a place to settle down again but don’t want the hassle of tending a house. We can help you find a community that’s the perfect match for your needs. If you own a home in the Denver area and need to sell, we also have a Senior Real Estate Specialist to help.