Long Term Care

Long Term Care and Skilled Nursing Facilities

(Nursing Homes)

For those who require constant care, nursing homes are licensed by the state of Colorado and provide 24-hour care, rehabilitation services and activities of daily living to the chronically ill who require nursing care. These facilities are for seniors who need extensive around-the-clock monitoring and continued medical attention.

Some nursing homes provide special facilities for residents with dementia, memory loss and permanent or developmental disabilities. A Skilled Nursing Facility provides extensive rehabilitative care and services for the chronically ill, as well as short-term care for individuals who have been hospitalized and need rehabilitation before returning home. Facilities provide room and board, personal care, and usually offer therapy. The health care is supervised and authorized by a physician.

A nursing home must meet federal requirements. They are licensed and regulated by the state of Colorado and some are also certified by the state for Medicare and Medicaid benefits. Financially, nursing homes charge a daily or monthly fee which is paid for by private funds, long-term care insurance, or Medicaid (qualification is required). Therapy may be prescribed and may be covered insurance or other providers.

Facilities may accept a variety of Medicare, Medicaid and private insurance carriers for the skilled nursing short-term rehabilitation stay as well. The professionals with Heart 2 Heart 4 Seniors are here to help you find the best option for you and bring a clear understanding of how your benefits work, what is covered and how to apply them in the most efficient and beneficial ways possible.

Medicare may pay for nursing home rehab (skilled nursing) if it follows within 30 days of a hospitalization of three or more days and is medically certified, for a limited number of days.

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