When your parents sent you off to school the first day, I’ll bet you didn’t know they were a bit scared for you.

As a parent, sending your child off to school, you wondered what your kid was doing all day and if they were happy, scared, feeling like they belonged or worried.

Then, as you became older and your parents could not take care of themselves, you had to to make that choice to have them live in a Senior Care assisted living, nursing home or skilled nursing facility (SNF).

Funny how life repeats itself as you wonder everyday if your mom or dad is being properly cared for.

Are they being given their medications at the right time? Of even the right medications?

Are they eating ok?

Are they finding new friends and staying in touch with the friends they have had for so many years?

But most importantly, are they really being CARED for? Is someone really concerned for their well being and offering a pat on the back or even a hug?

Perhaps when you have visited your parents in a home you can see in their eyes that something is really wrong but you know stubborn mom or dad would never show a sign of weakness in front of you. They think you are too busy to bother you with their own insecurities or worries.

We can help!

We are Heart 2 Heart 4 Seniors, and we will communicate with you and your parent(s) to find out if they are really happy in the place where they are living.

Are they not participating in activities?

Are they having unexplained weight loss?

Are they getting to the Dr. appointments that have been set up?

Do their friends say they never see your Mom and Dad any more?

Do they seem agitated and only give you short abrupt answers or have they
totally stopped communicating with you?

All of this can indicate that we need to work together to find your mother or father a new place to live where they will be cared for the same way they cared for you when you were young.

If you think there is something not right, follow your instincts.
Just as a mother or father have that natural instinct, so do you as a child concerned for your
parent’s well-being!
There is no more time to delay!

Pick up the phone and call 303-371-4100 .
One of our dedicated and professional Senior Transition Specialists will be glad to help you. Heart 2 Heart.