There are many valid reasons for deciding to move to an assisted living facility. Assisted living centers are designed for people like you who are still able to take care of themselves in many areas of their lives, but need a little help here and there. They offer peace of mind, knowing that if you ever find yourself in a sticky situation where you might need help, it is just a phone call or a panic button away. Seniors should consider assisted living as an option when they notice a decline in their health, but do not require around-the-clock care.

Where Will You Go When Your Health Declines?

As you age, you may start to notice that the little things you used to be able to do without giving them a second though have suddenly become a chore. You might get out of breath walking to get the mail, find that you struggle to get out of bed, or have trouble fixing your own meals. You might be able to function well in most areas, but could use some help with housekeeping and laundry.

Worse yet is when you start to lose your balance. Falling becomes a real fear because it can limit your mobility and make it necessary for you to rely on others. Broken bones are often the final straw that sends seniors into nursing homes because they need extensive care. If you live alone, this is a scary situation because once you fall, you may not be able to get back up on your own or be able to call for help.

When You Have Difficulty Regulating Medicine

Managing your medicine can be difficult as you age. Most people can handle taking a handful of pills per day, but if your life depends on the pills you take or the amount of medication you need to take becomes overwhelming, you may need assistance. Skipping your medicine can be just as dangerous as taking too much. Injections can also be difficult to give yourself. Denver assisted living allows you to live independently while having someone to oversee your medication and make sure that it is given at the appropriate times and in the right dosages.

When Forgetfulness Sets In

Alzheimer’s patients aren’t the only ones who lose their memory. As people age, they naturally lose bits and pieces of their memory. Forgetting to take your medicine is just one possible scenario when living on your own. As your memory starts to slip, you may find that even the simplest of tasks become a chore. You put yourself in danger when your forgetfulness becomes more frequent. Making your breakfast suddenly becomes a risky activity, because you could forget that you left the food burning on the stove, which could cause a fire. If you become forgetful more and more often, it may be time to consider an assisted living facility to ensure your safety.

When Family Isn’t Available to Care for You

Let’s face it— grown kids have busy lives. They have their own children to raise, careers, relationships, and households to manage. They don’t always have the time to carve out of their busy schedules to give you the attention you need. While living with your kids may cure your loneliness, it can also put a strain on the family and on your relationship. Then there are the kids who have moved out of state and are simply unavailable to care for you. When family can’t take care of you, you can count on the caregivers at a Denver assisted living facility, where you will be treated like family.

When You Need an Alternative to a Nursing Home

The thought of a nursing might be frightening, as it insinuates that you can no longer care for yourself and need staff to help you do even the smallest tasks. While some seniors may need this type of care due to a chronic disease or post-surgery, not all seniors are completely helpless. Assisted living centers are a nice alternative to nursing homes because they offer apartment-style, independent living for the elderly without constant care. According to the Wall Street Journal, “Assisted livingemerged in the 1990s as a popular alternative model to nursing homes for older people who no loner felt comfortable on their own, but were too independent for a nursing home.”

There are trained professionals on staff for those moments when you do need help, but they are not hovering over you, monitoring your every move. Many seniors enjoy the freedom it provides, while giving them a better sense of security.

When Cost is an Issue

If you don’t have the nest egg you wish you did, the cost of living can be a big concern. Assisted living may be the most cost-effective way of living for seniors. A study by CareScout is based on research on the average cost for an assisted living facility, a semi-private room in a nursing home, and a private nursing home room. With as many as 70 percent of the elderly needing extended care, the study found assisted living is the most affordable option.

When Your Independence Matters

It can be incredibly difficult to give up your independence after spending a lifetime doing things your way and making decisions for yourself. Pride often keeps seniors from reaching out for help because they fear if they admit that they have trouble doing something, however simple or complex, their rights will be stripped from them. It doesn’t have to be that way, however.

An assisted living facility may be just the thing you need. You will be able to get help when you need it, without be treated as if you are useless or incompetent. This type of senior housing in Denver allows you to keep your pride in check.