It can be difficult to live far away from a senior loved one. You might try to keep in contact over the phone, but with each call you realize you need your loved one closer to you. The senior may feel that moving would be giving up control of their life and a lost of independence. However, this can be far from the truth with assisted living facilities. There are many benefits to living in one of these senior retirement living locations.

Residential Transportation

Residents are provided with transportation to various appointments such as; dentist, routine check-ups and specialist care visits. Seniors also enjoy recreational trips to the movie theater, shopping trips and to the park. A staff member keeps up with appointments and makes sure each person arrives safely and on time.

Beauty Shops

A beautician is on the site’s premises to keep residents looking beautiful/handsome! Male residents can also arrange for haircuts and to be shaved when needed. There are also workers who do manicures, pedicures and therapeutic massages where allowed.

Medication Reminders

Staff members can monitor resident’s medication schedule. Residents do not have to worry about whether they have taken their medicine or not, a staff can be in total control of when the patient receives or is reminded to take their medication. They also take care of getting the medications delivered to the assisted living.

Daily Meals

There is no need to worry about having to cook or prepare meals. Seniors who have trouble remembering to eat during the day will not have to worry about getting daily nutritional meals. Residents can sit down to three hot meals a day, along with healthy snacks and hydration. Meals are catered to each person’s dietary needs. During this time residents are able to interact and talk with other residents in the dining hall.

Many seniors find that making the decision to relocate to an assisted living facility is the best choice ever made. The difficult part is usually getting the senior to acknowledge that they can benefit from the extra help. To find out more about selecting a senior living facility in Denver that will be right for your senior loved one call 303-371-4100 or contact us.