Do you know that Medicare and Medicaid in Denver and throughout Colorado provide different services?

You might be confused when we meet with you and ask if you or your senior parents have Medicaid or Medicare.

Medicare and Medicaid are two completely different entities.

They are both insurance programs managed by different levels of our government.

Medicare is managed by the federal government, whereas, Medicaid is managed jointly by the federal and state government.

Each state has their own eligibility requirements and how they are managed.

In Colorado, if you are over the age of 65 or have certain disabilities or permanent kidney failure and require dialysis or a kidney transplant, you might be eligible for Medicare.

To qualify for Medicaid, you must verify your income, savings and other assets that might be used to cover the cost of medical care. There are different levels of Medicaid that may not only cover medical bills, but also housing or home care costs.

The process to apply for Medicaid is long and tedious and can take at least four months or longer to get approved by the county you reside in if you apply on your own.

There are two lengthy screens–both financial and medical. You must meet the qualifications for both areas.

I highly suggest you don’t try to do this yourself! If it is incorrectly done, it only complicates the process and the amount of time to get approved.

It is well worth contacting us as soon as possible to get your application for Medicaid started. Our Senior Transition Specialist, Ronda, has years of experience with Medicaid, and can usually complete your application in half the time.

Once we start your application, we will continue to work with you until the process is completed. 303 371 4100