Talking to Senior Loved Ones about a Senior Retirement Community Denver Locations

The time has come to talk to your senior loved one about assisted living. You worry that your loved one will not accept the idea, and might altogether refuse to be open-minded. It is important to bring up the subject at the right time, and discuss the topic with knowledgeable information. Seniors are more likely to hear you out if they do not feel as if their independence is being threatened.

Start the Communication Early

The best time to start talking about Independent or Assisted Living is when the senior is still active and able to live on their own. The senior will be most likely to listen to you if they know there is no immediate threat to their present living conditions. Too many times, we at Heart 2 Heart 4 Seniors, are asked to help in a crisis situation, where an immediate decision has to be made. If you start the talk before that may be the case, they may be more open to suggestions and tours. It may even prevent that crisis from happening. Always respect their position as the parent during the conversation, and let them know that their opinions do matter.

Refer to the Location as a Retirement Community

Most seniors do not like hearing the word “facility or nursing home”. Most seniors at some point in their life, visited a loved one in a not-so-nice or modern nursing home, and may think all Independent or Assisted Living homes resemble it. Now, there are many state-of-the-art senior retirement communities that are perfect for senior loved ones who need assistance. Many times we see the senior’s health improve when they move into a senior retirement community due to the socialization and assistance they offer.

Know the Options of Retirement Communities in the Area

We have experienced Senior Transition Specialists who research the assisted living locations in your area. If you need help locating the best Independent or Assisted Living retirement communities, seek out the services of our professionals at Heart 2 Heart 4 Seniors. These professionals can help answer questions about costs and services provided at the location. To find out more about getting help discussing a senior retirement community location with a senior loved one, contact us.