At some point, you may decide that yard care and maintenance is just too much for you. Shoveling snow and cutting grass seem major efforts and you start questioning your safety performing those tasks that you use to enjoy or take pride in. Or, maybe your loved one is having trouble remembering to take medications or has been falling frequently. For any number of reasons, you are considering senior living in Denver alternatives.

Choosing a residence is a complex issue. First, what level of care do you or your loved one need? Second, what can you afford? Third, where will you feel comfortable? Do you have family or church members you want to be close to? Then, you must do something with your current home. Will you sell it or are there other options?

If you just want to get away from the drudgery of home maintenance, think about a senior living retirement community. Sometimes called 55-plus communities or Independent Living communities, these neighborhoods offer independence and many amenities. They have maintenance people who will take care of the yards and a housekeeping staff who will do cleaning. Many 55-plus communities have their own security force and the homes feature alarm systems to summon help from the staff should you need it. Many of the communities have beauty salons and barber shops, banks, grocery stores, gyms and swimming pools on the campus, but most also offer outside transportation, too. There is usually a restaurant close at hand, where you and your guests can eat or you can have meals delivered. Most offer a dining room in the community where you may purchase a meal plan for a very reasonable charge or is included in your rent and you can order off a menu very similar to a fine restaurant. Depending on the community, there may be services available for a fee if you need assistance for a short time or for an extended time. Many of these communities also offer an area where your loved one may get extra assistance in their Assisted Living or Memory Care.

Assisted living is a level of care for people who have some limitations such as memory issues or perhaps need help with dressing, medication or bathing. These residences range from single rooms to full apartments. Rooms in residential houses may have fewer amenities but offer care and security, in a more home like environment. Assisted living apartment houses offer dining rooms and amenities to keep seniors active and engaged. Many have physicians who make house calls or will provide transportation to medical or dental appointments. Some offer a secured area if your loved one needs some extra memory care or may wander off the premises.

The range of options in both the senior retirement communities and in assisted living vary greatly in cost. In Denver, for instance, the median cost of an apartment in an assisted living community is about $3300 a month. This may or may not include care at various levels. Independent Living apartments can be significantly less, depending on if you or your loved one needs extra care/assistance.

Some of the communities require a preliminary investment and assess monthly charges. You may want to use our Senior Real Estate Specialist to sell your home right away while you take on other financial obligations.

Every community has a personality, and deciding on one that is perfect for you is a daunting task. A home must feel like a home. The sheer number of communities means that you could spend weeks visiting them to see what they have to offer, and you may not even be looking at the right type of community to fit your needs if you do this on your own.

If all this leaves your head spinning, our experienced professional staff at Heart 2 Heart 4 Seniors can help! We talk to you, but more importantly, we listen to you! Using your desires and needs, we narrow down that huge list of options and we assist you in deciding how they fit into your budget. We understand and can assist you in the overwhelming Medicaid application process and we have Senior Real Estate Specialists to help you sell your home.

If you are thinking about moving into a senior living community, contact us. We can help you turn the stress of change into the excitement of new friends and freedom!