At first, Dan wasn’t sure he wanted to move out of his home. After all, he intended to leave it to his kids as part of his estate. True, the maintenance got harder every month and Dan hated the thought of shoveling snow from his long driveway.

Lynne knew Dan had doubts, but she didn’t. Their bungalow home was where Dan had watched his first wife battle cancer. She hoped to put that sadness behind both of them and to move to a home that was truly theirs together. She had no doubts that Dan’s children would have no problem with their selling the house, even if it meant losing part of the inheritance, as long as their father was happy.

Their first visit to the senior retirement community was exciting, even for Dan.. There was a gym and a pool, as well, and the complex even had its own security force. The apartment they visited had two bedrooms. That meant the grandkids could continue to come for sleep-overs. Lynne’s breath caught when she saw the spacious kitchen and living room. On the way back to the car, they stopped to talk to some of the residents who appeared to be their age. The couple was out for a bike ride.

Still, Dan owned his home, and the idea of losing that asset bothered him. Moving would be expensive. Could they afford to do it? Were there other, less-expensive communities that would meet their needs? Would Medicare help with expenses?

That night, police responded to a robbery just a block from their house, and Dan made his decision. He and Lynne called our company, Heart 2 Heart 4 Seniors. We specialize in sorting out the issues of senior living. Our Senior Transition Specialists and Senior Real Estate Specialist were able to assist him in making decisions that were good for both he, his wife and their family.

Within a month they moved into their new home, and that night it snowed. It was the first time in years that Dan hadn’t cringed at the white flakes.

If you are looking for a senior retirement community, Denver has many options. Please contact Heart 2 Heart 4 Seniors with any questions, concerns, or more information.