When my friends call from back East, they often say, “so the kids sent you off to a Nursing Home, eh?” “Must suck being stuck there all day!”

I reply “Well actually no. I live in an assisted living community. It’s really no different from living on my own in my own place. I can go anywhere I want. There are lots of activities, great food and even a pool with aquatic exercise classes. If I need help though, a care specialist is always there to help me when I need it.
AND she’s cute!”

I was so afraid that my son and daughter were going to be put me in a place like we remember where our grandparents lived. Remember how we hated going to see them because it smelled funny and all those old people just sat around in their wheelchairs sleeping.

Then my kids called these great people over at Heart 2 Heart 4 Seniors, they told me there are so many choices of where I can live. The Senior Transition Specialist spent time with us, asking questions about what I liked to do, what kind of food I like, if I needed help with my medications or getting to the Dr. appointments, the size of apartment I was looking for, the area I wanted to live in and so many other things that I hadn’t even thought of.
By the time we finished our conversation, I felt like they really cared about me and my family and wanted to find the perfect place for me to live.

Moving to a senior housing community didn’t necessarily mean moving to a nursing home like I thought it would.
They scheduled a couple of tours and my family and I went to see them the next day. The Senior Transition Specialist helped us ask the right questions so that we felt like we really knew the community well by the end of the tour. Both places were great choices for us, but I decided on the one that was closer to my family and church. I had a good feeling when I walked in the front lobby and by the end of the tour, I knew “this was the one.”
Because of the time spent with the Senior Transition Specialist at Heart 2 Heart 4 Seniors, they were able to find me a new home that also fit perfect in my budget. There are so many choices with all different price levels. If I didn’t have their help, we would probably still be looking at “nursing homes”!

So now I tell my buddies back East, “Yeah, they dumped me in a “Nursing Home” but BOY this is SOME “Nursing home”!” LOL!
My friends are coming out to visit next month and won’t they be surprised how the choice of senior housing has changed–everyone doesn’t get “put in a nursing home” anymore!