It is difficult for most senior adults to admit when they need more assistance with their daily living routine. The time might be for them to consider alternatives to living at home on their own. No one wants to think about leaving their home behind, but in some circumstances it cannot be avoided. There are a few important questions to ask to determine whether or not a senior living home may be the best solution.

Daily Assistance

Ask yourself, how much assistance do you or the senior loved one need during the day for basic daily activities? These activities include; bathing, cooking and getting dressed. If the tasks require a significant amount of assistance, a senior living community may be the best choice.


Some people do not want to go to a retirement living community because they feel they lose a significant amount of privacy. Rooms are usually private unless shared by a husband and wife or usually if the payor source is Medicaid. Also, your room is your own personal space. You do not have to allow anyone in your room that is not authorized to be there.

Social Interaction

If you live and want to continue living an active lifestyle, then a retirement community in Denver is a great way to do it. The activities director is in charge of keeping seniors active with games, trips, exercise and arts & crafts throughout the day. There is always plenty to keep residents busy and interacting during the day.

Financial Costs

The cost of living in an assisted living facility has to be taken into consideration, as well as the other aspects. It is important to sit down with knowledgeable people who can help you determine whether or not a senior living environment is best for you, or your senior loved one. To get further information on assisted living locations call 303-371-4100 or contact us.