Do you have a loved one transitioning to assisted living senior retirement living in Denver? Are they excited about the move or are they apprehensive? It is possible they feel a little of both. Maybe they worry they will miss their old home or lose independence. You can help your loved one adjust to assisted living. Consider the following tips.

Highlight the Positives

Try to point out the aspects of assisted living they will really enjoy. If they don’t like chores, emphasize that they will no longer be maintaining a large home independently. If the senior enjoys socializing, highlight the programs provided by the assisted living community. Look for ways to ‘sell’ the new living situation! Your loved one may not be aware of all the positive aspects of assisted living.

Make it Feel Like Home

Depending on the size of the apartment or room, be sure to bring items from home that help make the new place feel like home. Favorite photos, artwork or comforter are perfect examples. A comfortable pillow is easy to move and may make a big difference for your loved one. Even little things, like the cup they drink water out of before bed, may be important.

Allow Time

As a loved one, it is important that you accept that this major change will require time to adjust to. Don’t push your family member to fall in love with the new living situation immediately. Accept that, in the long-term, the new lifestyle will be fulfilling. But in the short-term, there may be challenges. Be supportive and patient. For some, it may take 1-2 months, before they start to feel comfortable in their new home. And that is to be expected. Work with the staff there to see how you can best work with them to help Mom and/or Dad adjust.

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