As a senior citizen in Denver,Colorado, Halloween Night can be a bit scary, especially if you live on your own.

Most of us really enjoy seeing the cute trick or treaters in their costumes, and it brings back happy memories from our childhood.
As a senior, you may worry about being alone on that night

Here are a few safety tips/ideas for you as a senior during Halloween 2014:

  1. If you can, have a neighbor or relative in your home with you so that they can help you give out candy to all the children in your neighborhood.
  2. Keep your front porch light on and if you can, set up a bright lamp on your porch so you can see clearly.
  3. If you don’t want to participate in Halloween at all, post a big note on your door saying “sorry out of candy”, and keep your front lights off.
  4. Use your peep hole in your front door to check to see if children are at the door or adults. If it is only adults, simply do not answer.
  5. Use solar powered lighting on your walkway so that trick or treaters and approach and leave your property safely.
  6. Join your family or a group of families and help them give out candy at their home.
  7. Trick or treat with your family and grandchildren.
  8. Let your family know when you are turning off the lights for no more candy and visitors so they can call and check on you.

I know you love Halloween, and remember dressing up your kids and even your grandchildren. But, you might not be able to participate as well as you could before.
That’s OK.
It’s OK to say, “I just can’t get around like I used too.”
“I’m scared to be alone.”

We are Senior Transition Specialists, and we help people like you move into great assisted living, independent living and retirement communities throughout Colorado.

Believe it or not, most of these communities allow trick or treaters to come and visit.
The difference is, you are not alone, and there is a professional staff to coordinate fall or Halloween parties for you and your loved ones.

So, don’t be scared of Halloween!

Give us a call at 303 371 4100, and our professional staff will help you find a new senior retirement community in Colorado to call home.