The New Year is here and you might be planning to get your senior loved one’s medical information and living arrangements in order. If you are planning to transition the senior into an assisted living facility or another type of senior retirement living, there are some important documents that you are definitely going to need.

Social Security Card/Birth Certificate/ID or Driver’s License

These documents have always been vital information. You will need to have these documents when filling out important documents for the senior as well as when making decisions about their health care. Keep these documents close at hand.

Medical Insurance Cards

Proof of health care coverage is among the first things asked for when a person visits a doctor, or admitted into a hospital or senior living location. It is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the senior’s health care coverage, as well as keep copies of the cards on hand. Be sure to find out whether the senior health coverage is through a private insurance, Medicaid or Medicare.

Complete Medical/Health History

It is imperative to know about the senior’s prior health as much as possible. Being knowledgeable about the senior loved one’s medical health history is key to getting them care catered to their specific needs. In some cases, it is necessary to notify siblings of the senior to find out more information. However, the more you know about the senior’s history, the better doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals are able to provide services.

Gathering these different documents and health information is often a difficult task. Many times there are questions that need answering and you might not know where to get the information needed. Health professionals such as Heart 2 Heart 4 Seniors specialize in helping caregivers of senior loved ones get the information needed. To find out more about getting the senior loved one’s affairs in order contact us.