Lori Royer, RRT

Founder, Senior Transition Specialist

Hello! I am Lori Royer. I am the founder and senior transition specialist for Heart 2 Heart 4 Seniors. In 2009, I was contemplating how I could serve people by using my knowledge, love and experiences with seniors, their families and healthcare. Here is my story…

I began my healthcare career as a Registered Respiratory Therapist for 17 years at Porter Hospital, after moving here in 1979 from South Dakota. Following working at the hospital, I was the therapy manager and marketing director of a statewide respiratory home care company. This then led me to working as marketing director/liaison for assisted living, long term care and rehab, and medical home care which gave me the experience and knowledge of many different facets of senior care and housing.

I personally saw and felt the frustrations families and seniors experienced while trying to navigate all of the paperwork and options that are associated with living arrangements or government health benefits. I witnessed their struggles when given incorrect or not enough information to make good choices by people or companies who may not have, in my opinion, been in the industry for the right reasons or who were not experienced or knowledgeable in this industry. I have dedicated my life to helping seniors and their families make educated, well informed decisions at a time in life that should be reserved for enjoying grandchildren, loved ones and the highest level of daily enjoyment that is possible.

At this time, I knew what I needed to do and the direction I needed to go. The company name came as I was listening to my pastor and his sermon on “What’s in your heart—are you doing what you are here to do to serve?” Thus, “Heart 2 Heart 4 Seniors” was born! My healthcare and senior living experience came with my former employment, but my compassion to work with seniors and their loved ones comes from my upbringing and my family.

We were raised in a large faith based family and were very close to our elders, not only in our family but also in the community. These past years have been a very emotional time for our family with our parents aging. All time spent with them has been a blessing that I will never regret. I’ve always had a passion to help families and their parents, but this gave me a more personal view of how our lives change when those tough decisions need to be made. My Dad’s long and painful illness took us through many aspects of the healthcare system, ultimately ending on February 3 in a long term care facility that beautifully cared for both my Dad as a resident and my Mom as his spouse and caregiver. Living in a small town, there were not many choices…there was no Assisted Living and there was no non-medical home care. It was difficult and upsetting to me not to be able to give my own family choices. On a trip to AZ with my brother and myself, my Mom passed away suddenly of a heart attack on March 18, 6 short weeks following my Dad. I believe their love in their 61 years of marriage became their reason to be together again. Our family and their community miss them terribly, but we are happy they are together and that Mom did not have to go through a long suffering like Dad did.

They are the beginning loves of my life and they are the reason why I started Heart 2 Heart 4 Seniors and they are the reason why I will continue to do this. My grandparents and parents taught us to never give up, to serve others and to be committed to do our best with honesty and integrity!

Al and I live in Parker. We are active in the community and church and enjoy spending time with my 2 sons and their families… Chris and Kendra and their 2 sons, Julian and Colton. Kevin and Ashleigh and their 2 daughters, Nevaeh and Piper. I am also a senior and proud to be one! That is my story and I can’t wait to meet with you and get to know your story!